Lighting Retrofit Project:

We’ve taken a huge leap to a greener workplace. In 2011, we completed a Lighting Retrofit Project in our 200,000 square foot warehouse and offices resulting in a positive impact on the environment. Each year, the project decreases air pollution and environmental damage: Carbon dioxide by 684,338 pounds, sulfur dioxide by 1,140,564 grams, and nitrogen oxide by 2,646,108 grams. Visualize the same impact as planting 84 acres of trees, removing 65 cars from the road yearly or saving 41,475 gallons of gasoline yearly. Utilizing efficient T-8 high output bulbs and ballasts, the system is controlled by motion sensors that activate/deactivate lights as motion is detected.

Premier Continues work towards sustainability and a greener workplace. During our more recent acquisition, lighting in the 315,000 square foot warehouse utilizes new LED Light technology, while controlled by motion sensors that activate/deactivate, thus reducing energy and providing an effiecient utilization of power.

Reducing diesel emissions:

We replaced a diesel-powered Master vac to a more energy-efficient electric-powered model.


Recycling Electronics, Computer Accessories and Printer Toners

We donate to recycle electronics, computer hardware and peripherals, printer supplies through the Goodwill Industries/Dell Reconnect recycling program. Some materials are reused in the production of new products. We also participate in Staples’ printer supplies recycling program. Both programs contribute significantly to a colossal effort of keeping e-waste out of landfills.


Recycling Dunnage, Cardboard and Paper

We collect all recyclable material at our facilities and send these to a materials recovery facility, decreasing the need for waste services and helping make the recycling process a success.

During the last fiscal year, our recycling efforts have increased from 94 tons to 140 tons of recycled material, all of which does not end up in a landfill.

Smartway® Program

Premier is a member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay® Transport Partnership. We are focused on the goals of emission reduction and fuel conservation for our fleet of trucks. Learn more here